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The Territory

Le Marche and
the Conero Riviera

The wine is a mirror of its own territory. Our vineyards are in fact located right inside the Parco del Conero, legendary homeland of Rosso Conero, one of the most important wines of the Marche.

The Riviera del Conero is a popular tourist spot especially in the summer months. It takes its name from Mount Conero which is the only promontory existing along the Adriatic coastline between Trieste and the Gargano. The area is famous for its intense, green woodlands and also for its white limestone rock which dives down into the sea.

The name Conero derives from the Greek word Komaros for strawberry tree, a common shrub found in the Mediterranean thicket, which you can quickly spot while walking along the mountain trails.

A mount, soft hills rich with rows of vines, beautiful beaches and a deep blue sea are among the features of this land that we so love.

Also to be discovered are the fascinating beaches of Portonovo Bay and the Two Sisters which lie at the foot of the mount and also the charming villages of Sirolo and Cameranowith its ancient caves, as well as Numana where our winery and farm shop are located.

You could enjoy sipping a glass of good wine in the relaxing atmosphere of our courtyard, seated under the shade of a vast mulberry tree from where you can catch a glimpse of vineyards, the green countryside and the distant sea.

A good choice after a visit to one of cultural attractions of which there are several in the area. In fact, not far away is the historical town of Ancona which possesses a beautiful romaneque cathedral built upon the remains of an ancient pagan temple. Still closer is the famous basilica of Loreto which, apart from possessing some lovely paintings, is home to the shrine of the Holy House of Mary of Nazareth, thus an important place of pilgrimage.

The Riviera del Conero, about which a lot is still be be discovered, is a fascinating place all the year round. It’s perfect for people who are looking for a relaxing holiday as well as for those who love trekking, cycling, aquatic sports … and last but not least good food and drink.

Why not come over and discover the place?

Tastings and the Farm Shop

Tastings and the Farm Shop
Come and taste our wines and olive oils. You’ll also find in the shop several other local products, giving you the chance, so to speak, to take home a little bit of the Riviera del Conero.
Our range of products in the shop are:
– Wine, Passito and Grappa
– Extra virgin olive oil
– Honey, jams, preserves and sauces
– Cosmetics made from wine and oil

Monday-Saturday: 9.00 – 13.00 and 16.00 – 19.00
Every day: 9.00 – 13.00 and 16.00 – 20.00

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